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Jah-Jireh (Charity) Homes

Our sole purpose is to provide loving, spiritual and physical care for those in the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses who find themselves needing to be cared for by others, due to old age or infirmity.


…to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation…

JAMES 1:27

  • We recognise that the primary responsibility to care for elderly ones lies firstly with their families and secondly with the congregation, however in circumstances where this is not possible then Jah-Jireh may be able to help.


In any Jah-Jireh home, you will experience:


  • Surroundings where personal beliefs and preferences are understood and respected
  • Spiritual comfort, encouragement and support
  • Person centred care based on scriptural principles
  • Full support to maintain your personal spiritual routine

Coming Soon

16 January 2017, 9am - 12pm
Family Photography Day - Merthyr

We are inviting all family and friends of our folks in Merthyr to come along for this free photo shoot. A whole morning in the capable hands of Kimberley, who will be arranging hair and makeup and refreshments. We are going to make a calendar for our residents with some of the photos but you are welcome to buy individual photos for £5 each. For more details please email or view the event on Facebook

Recent News

After all her years of special pioneering in Ireland, Chrissy from our home in Leyland is still as zealous as ever, despite health limitations. You can read more about her amazing life in our Summer 2011 (Issue 29) Newsletter. Or you can find her full life story in w09 3/15, pg 3-5.


Important Notice

Jah-Jireh, as a charity, is not immune from the current financial crisis. However, we are confident that by means of our donation and legacy arrangements, Jehovah will continue to provide for those of his elderly and faithful servants who are in need of care. On behalf of our elderly ones and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much for all your financial support. - RUTH 2:12

Jah-Jireh - Where Next?


We are currently looking for carers at Leyland and the opportunity to join our team of bank staff. Please see our Employment page for more details.