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Jah-Jireh (Charity) Homes

Our sole purpose is to provide loving, spiritual and physical care for those in the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses who find themselves needing to be cared for by others, due to old age or infirmity.


…to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation…

JAMES 1:27

  • We recognise that the primary responsibility to care for elderly ones lies firstly with their families and secondly with the congregation, however in circumstances where this is not possible then Jah-Jireh may be able to help.


In any Jah-Jireh home, you will experience:


  • Surroundings where personal beliefs and preferences are understood and respected
  • Spiritual comfort, encouragement and support
  • Person centred care based on scriptural principles
  • Full support to maintain your personal spiritual routine


Read more on the Ethos behind Jah-Jireh



Please download the Life Story Template for
further assistance in making a care plan


Employment Opportunities

Some excellent opportunities available at Blackpool. See our Employment Page for other roles available. Assisted Living Worker Allowance means we also contribute towards the cost of your rent!

Email: for more information.

Great job opportunity at Wigan
 with a 3 bedroomed house or 1 bedroomed bungalow rented at a subsidised rate close to the home. Wigan is within easy travelling distance of many local English and foreign language congregations, particularly in the Bolton and Manchester area.

Email: for more information.