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Welcome to our Home - The Series (Trailer)

Welcome to our Home - The Feature

Stories from our dear residents.     

End of Life Care

Chantelle and Sanjay discuss this delicate care process by explaining how end of life care is championed at the home in Blackpool.

Care Plans

Care Plans are essential to giving outstanding care to our residents. What are Care Plans and why are they so important? If you are looking into care for a loved one, this brief video explains 3 ways you help.

The Butterfly Suite

Our new suite at Wigan opened on 13th April 2018 to care for our brothers and sisters living with dementia and we, our carers and those already benefitting from this suite are delighted with it. More photos to follow.

Jah-Jireh - Where Next? (2012)

Jah-Jireh Charity Homes has come a long way since its founding over 30 years ago. Since demand for its services continues to rise, further homes are planned for the future. Financial uncertainties in the wider world bring pressures that are difficult to handle. So the question has to be asked: "Where Next?"


Interviews with Residents

Don Walker

Don from Wigan briefly recounts his life story telling us about the many privileges he has enjoyed in his service to Jehovah since getting baptised in 1941 in Leicester and includes serving in Peterlee, County Durham, convention planning and serving a Circuit.


Alma featured in Issue 44 of our newsletter. Here's an update of how she is doing in Blackpool. We hope to share many more videos like this in the future.

Ray Pople

Ray Pople and his wife, Vera, came into the truth in the early 50's and devoted themselves to the full time ministry. Latterly Ray served as a valued trustee for Jah-Jireh. He will be sorely missed.