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COVID-19 Update

In the event of a loss of staff due to the Pandemic outbreak because of ill health, family issues or other local social problems that would prevent our staff getting to work we are looking for volunteers to support our staff teams. If you are in a position to volunteer at this time please fill in the form as soon as possible. We are taking all measures in line with government directives to ensure the safety of our residents and volunteers.


Share the Care

"It was wonderful that they took the time to visit us to encourage us"


This echoes the sentiments of all our residents. When you spend time with them, they feel valued and know that they are loved. This is invaluable in the care of these older ones, and many of our visitors and volunteers have expressed how they take back much more that what they give. These faithful older ones have a lifetime's worth of stories to share - stories of faithful service, overcoming challenges and standing firm for Jehovah. Come visit these dear older ones, share a few laughs, give a few minutes and take away an experience you will never forget.

You can either come in as a Visitor and spend some time with them or you could apply as a Volunteer. Here are some details on how you can do that.




Visitors are welcome anytime, so you can pop in to visit anyone and we will be thrilled to have you. If you want to plan a day's visit or an activity with any of the residents, then it might be best to send us an email in advance. This will help us check and make appropriate arrangements.

Please email us for further information and specific questions.




Our own residents greatly appreciate the volunteer spirit that many brothers and sisters have shown over the years. Here are some ways in which they have helped:

  • Planning regular visits to spend some time each week with our elderly residents.
  • Reading the Watchtower or studying together.
  • Taking the residents out in the ministry.
  • Planning activities, exercise sessions and games.
  • Volunteering specific skilled work when required.

We are very grateful in whatever capacity brothers and sisters can volunteer their time. If you think you can volunteer in any way, please contact our head office:

Telephone: 01772 633380
Email: info@jah-jireh.org