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Many brothers and sisters from various parts of the world, who would like to be able to do more to care for the elderly but are unable, send us regular, weekly or monthly donations. Read more on ways to make donations


Whenever you buy anything online, you could be raising a free donation for Jah-Jireh. There are nearly 3000 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, the trainline and Sainsbury's, who will donate a percentage of the amount you spend to Jah-Jireh to say thank you for shopping with them.

We've tested it ourselves, it's really simple, and doesn't cost you anything. Click here for more information

Awareness Meetings

The trustees of Jah-Jireh feel there is an urgent need to inform brothers and sisters in Britain about the care that Jah-Jireh offers. Many know of the existence of Jah-Jireh but do not know how it is organised, financed or operated.

In order to enlarge the knowledge about Jah-Jireh we would like to invite you to contact us as soon as possible if you would be willing to hold a brief "Awareness Meeting" in your area - not at the Kingdom Hall but in a private home.

Please contact our head office for further details:
Telephone: 01772 633380

Share the Care

We recently started a new program called "Share the Care" where you can get in touch with us and offer your services in whatever capacity.  We have had people volunteering to take some of the brothers and sisters out on the ministry for a while and then have some association together, others have organised a team to do some outside maintenance work on the garden or the building.

This is managed by one of our trustees, Jeff Stacey.  If you feel you would like to be involved in any project, small or large, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



For many years, brothers and sisters from nearby congregations have a regular routine of spending some time each week with our elderly residents.  Some read the Watchtower together or study together, others take residents out with them on the ministry, or do some shopping.  We even have some who do exercise sessions and play games (you can read about this in our newsletters)

Some volunteers who don't live nearby make some time every month or every year to make a trip to visit our homes and just spend some time enjoying our hospitality and chatting with our elderly folks.  We've even established some pen friends for those who live too far away.

We are very grateful in whatever capacity brothers and sisters can volunteer their time.  Our care teams are so busy with tasks that are required by law, that they are limited in the time they can just "be" with the residents.

Please contact our head office for further details:
Telephone: 01772 633380


Linda & Jean

Linda has been volunteering at Blackpool over 15 years

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