About Us

The Beginnings... 1985

Jah-Jireh was originally founded to care for the needs of a long time faithful sister who cared for her own parents and husband until their deaths. She found herself as a widow, childless, and in need of care. (Please see our Newsletter, Issue 6 - Sept 2004)

Since 1985 this arrangement has kept growing to what it is today and we have loved and cared for hundreds, if not thousands, of our loyal ones. We have also had the privilege of caring for many who have served in full time assignments and made great sacrifices in their younger years. You can read about this in our quarterly newsletters. 

We feel the name Jah-Jireh (Genesis 22:14) appropriately applies to our objective as a “provision from Jehovah” or “Jehovah will see to it”. Based on the principle in Psalm 127:1a, we also firmly believe that this arrangement would not have suceeded without God’s backing and blessing. Therefore, Jehovah willing, this arrangement will continue.


Becoming a Charity... 1997

Jah-Jireh was established as a charity in the year 1997, this took a lot of work, but by the year 2000, all the homes were part of “Jah-Jireh (Charity) Homes” and its trust document stated purpose is:

Is Jah-Jireh part of Jehovah's Organisation?

This is a question we are asked from time to time. Although Jah-Jireh exists to care for Jehovah’s Witnesses in need and all employees are Jehovah’s Witnesses, it is an entirely separate and unconnected entity to the religious organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There was never any intention to start a business when Jah-Jireh was founded back in 1985. It was all because one elderly sister needed looking after and had no family of her own. All of the Jah-Jireh homes and assets were transferred into a legal, registered charity in 2000.

As a charity, we are subject to a strict regime of regulations set by the Charity Commission for England & Wales. In order to meet their criteria, and function in an orderly way to protect our residents and employees, Jah-Jireh must be run in a business-like manner.

Overall, Jah-Jireh is governed by a board of 12 spiritually mature trustees and as set out in the charity regulations, these trustees are not allowed to profit from the charity’s activities.

Due to the current financial situation of the Care Sector in the UK, the amount the government decides to contribute does not equal the cost of all the necessary living expenses one resident would need. Therefore, we make up this shortfall from the donations we receive from relatives, friends and volunteers. Our staff contribute or give back by means of their additional support. We thank Jehovah daily for all of this willing help and we pray that Jehovah will allow us to continue caring for our faithful elderly ones. - Jas. 1:27; Prov. 3:27; 19:17.


The Early Days

Ida Eccles - our first resident

Ida Eccles - our first resident

Clockwise from top left: Bernard Doddemeade, Josie Varca, Doris Whittaker, Beatrice Baillie, Ellen Croston, Alan Crompton

Clockwise from top left: Bernard Doddemeade, Josie Varca, Doris Whittaker, Beatrice Baillie, Ellen Croston, Alan Crompton

Blackpool renovations 1996

Blackpool renovations 1996